In the UK a motorcycle is stolen every 18 minutes.

That's 80 pride & joys that go missing everyday.

60 of them go missing from the owners home.


When I first discovered these figures it made me feel quite sick. Is there anything I can do to avoid becoming one of these statistics? Of course there is!



The first thing to realise is the less people know about your bike the better. No one can nick a bike they don't know exists. When you get home at night put the bike away, don't leave it out for the local scum to get a look at. When you wash it do it somewhere out of sight round the back or even better go and do it round yer mum's. Keep any signs of bike ownership well hidden, ditch the other cars a bike sticker, don't keep the Arai in the window and Never tell anyone like the Plumber or the washing machine engineer about your biking exploits. They may not be a thief but they may know someone who is.

When you buy stuff from bike shops or breakers don't give them your home address. If you have to have something delivered give them an address of a mate, relative or if you don't take the bike to work get them to deliver it there.

Once these measures have been taken then you are already half way there. Now it's time to get some serious security.

Where do you keep yours?


Garage attached to the house

Garage at the end of the road


In the Road