I have just had some crash bobbins fitted to my Blade. They're cool and I hope I never have to use them.

For those of you that have no idea what i am talking about I will elaborate. Crash bobbins are basically bits of plastic that look a bit like old fashioned roller skate wheels. They bolt to the frame and poke through the fairing. In the event that the bike goes down the road without it's rider on it's side, then hopefully the panels will be protected from serious damage.

I got mine from They fit on the top engine mounts. The fairing had to be modified to get them on (a 1 inch hole was drilled) which they did for me. The year 2000 Blade doesn't need the hole. These are better than many of the crash protectors you may have seen for 2 reasons. Firstly they are alot cheaper (about 35 quid) and secondly they bolt to the frame rather than the fairing, those that bolt to the fairing may stop the fairing getting scratched but will bend the fairing brackets or crack the fairing instead.