19 end-cans subjected to a full range of horrors
Possibly the easiest way to improve your bike's looks and free up a few more horsepower, is to fit an after market end-can.

There are two types to choose from: road legal BS-approved, and "race" cans, which are too loud for legal road use but are nonetheless popular for their sound and power gains. You can use them for some track days but check with the organiser. Both come in carbon or alloy.

AII the race cans, and most of the legal cans, save weight. Less weight equals more speed. Ideally, a legal can will match or better the stock cans performance.

A race can, which allows the engine to breathe more freely will give biggest increase in power especially if the carbs are optimised to work with it.

There are plenty of cans on the market at the moment -and they all look pretty much the same- so which one is the best? To find out, we've tested 19 end cans, both road legal and not.

First, we asked each manufacturer to send us their relevant cans for our test mule, a'94 Honda FireBlade.

All cans were fitted by experts to see how easily they went on, and tested to see how they affect the bike's power. Non-legal race cans are also tested with' a dyno jet kit to see what improvements could be expected.

We then subjected all cans to death by road salt, to see which would last a winter Finally, they were all weighed.