The following facts are taken from the Haynes manual and do not apply to 2000 on models cos I haven't got a manual for that. All the facts are accurate to the official Honda maintenance schedule as far as I know. However, for extended life and performance of your blade I would suggest that the following are done more often:


Check and adjust drive chain. In the manual it says every 500 miles, personally I would recommend reducing this figure to something approaching 150 miles or whenever you put the bike in the garage after a ride. The chain is best lubed after a ride for 2 reasons. Firstly the chain is warm so the oil will penetrate better and secondly the wheel will not be spinning and trying to throw the oil off so it gets more time to penetrate. Most publications instruct people to oil the chain on the inside only stating that the centrifugal force will do the rest, but independent tests have shown that a chain will last longer if both sides are oiled. If you do a lot of miles on your blade then i recommend getting a Scotoiler, i have one on my work bike (A 2003 Fazer 600) and it rocks.


Changing the oil and filter. The book says every 8000 miles. I would recommend at least every 4000. I usually do mine at around 2000. Although oil is expensive, new oil does make the bike sound and feel better so you wont feel guilty about caning it that little bit more than usual J


Every 4000 miles


Check and adjust idle speed

Check the brake pads

Check and adjust clutch

Lubricate the clutch, gearshift and brake levers

Lubricate the brake pedal, side stand pivots and throttle, clutch and choke cables



Every 8000 miles


All 4000 mile checks should be done at this point also.

Replace the engine oil and filter

Check the fuel system and Hoses

Check the battery terminals

Check and adjust throttle and choke cables

Check the plug gaps

Synchronise the carbs

Check the cooling system

Check the brake system and brake light switches

check headlight aim

Check the sidestand

check suspension

check and adjust steering head bearings

check tightness of all nuts and bolts (!!!!!!)

check condition of wheels and tyres (LOL! you should have changed them twice by now!)

Check the drive chain slider for wear

Check exhaust system


Every 12000 miles


All 4000 mile checks should be done at this point also.

Replace the air filter

Change the brake fluid


Every 16000 miles


All 4000 and 8000 mile checks should be done at this point also.

Check and adjust valve clearances

Replace the spark plugs


Every 24000 miles

All 4000, 8000 and 12000 mile checks should be done at this point also.

replace the coolant