I prefer the RWB model.

1994/5 Foxeye Blade

1994 Fireblade Many people reckon the 1994 Blade is the best incarnation of Honda's legendary bike, with its combination of wild power, sharp handling and a paintjob with real attitude. It was the styling that really did it for this bike. Styling? A Japanese bike? Yes, that's right. The graphics and the Urban Tiger colours were simply the slickest on the street. Everybody wanted one. It was just so cool. It was, and still is, the best paint scheme to come out of Japan. Sales soared, front wheels soared. It was a great summer! The look was completed by the funky foxeye headlights which replaced the round lights on older Blades.
There was also a new, lighter magnesium cam cover and stepless pre-load adjustment to fine-tune the forks. And a slightly taller screen reduced wind buffeting. The '94 Blade ruled the superbike class with 122bhp on tap and a top speed of more than 160mph. And it could still manage 40mpg. Many owners view this bike as the "proper" Blade, blade4.jpg (21593 bytes)
with its hooligan power delivery and a slightly cramped riding position. Later versions had the bars raised for comfort and engines tuned for softer power delivery, even if they ultimately did produce more bhp. There has never been a Blade like it since.








The small l6in front wheel, combined with a top chassis, made it the fastest turning bike on the planet. Think corner and you're on your kneeslider. Top rewards for little effort. Keeping the front wheel on the ground proves to be much harder. Keeping the bike on the road was also difficult. Many riders would get it into a corner too hot, chop the throttle and head off to the nearest set of bushes. The engine is one of the best around. There's a real rush when the needle approaches the red line. It's even good enough to go to the Bol and back, carrying luggage, pillion and the kitchen sink. For under 3995 for an L or an M-reg. you'll get a top tool for the road or track days and the undisputed quality of a Honda.