17" Front Wheel Conversion

A very common question I am asked is how to convert to a 17inch front wheel if you have a pre 2000 FireBlade. At last I now know how to do it! If I had known how easy it was i would have done it years ago. Please note that this does not work on 92-93 FireBlades with the speedo drive on the front wheel. Please note that on all models the rolling radius of the 17" wheel is roughly the same as the 16" due to the larger profile of the 16". If you are really picky about the geometry of your bike remaining the same then you should drop the yokes down the forks by 2-3mm

What do you need?

1994 -1997 (RRR-RRV)

Simple, a front wheel from a CBR600FS-FW. Use your original discs and spacers and enjoy the new range of really sticky 120/70-17. If you buy a 600 wheel complete with discs then you can use those as they are the same as the FireBlades. rubber now at your disposal.